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Protect your company’s personal data

Avoid sanctions by anonymizing your company’s personal data and complying with the GDPR

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Does your company comply with data protection according to the GDPR regulations?

Are you protected against the digital hijacking of your company data?

How would a data breach affect your company’s reputation?

Avoid penalties by anonymizing your company data

Nymiz is the definitive solution to ensure compliance with the GDPR regulations

Protect your company data

Minimize the risks of information theft

Comply with current GDPR regulations

Take advantage of the volume of data for your analysis

Data Anonymization Tool

What is Nymiz?

Machine Learning Inside (PLN)

Natural Language Processing to improve reliability and service reach

A Cloud Service

Solutions adapted to each company both in local environment and in the cloud

Contents with structured and non-structured information

Available for databases and unstructured documents such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF or email

Multi-Language Recognition

Currently available in English and Spanish with new languages in future update

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Data volume / month

100 MB


1 language

Accepted documents


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You can anonymize and pseudonymize .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .csv. and database files.

You can select from a phrase, a file, folder or directory.

Select whether you want to anonymize (delete) or pseudonymize (change the personal data) depending on your goal.

You receive the file when and where you want it with the same format and extension.

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