Why is anonymization vital?

Because data is the most valuable asset of your company

We explain step by step everything you need to know about anonymization and pseudo-anonymization of data in your company.

What is data anonymization and pseudonymization?


Anonymization allows the personal data to be completely disassociated from the identifying data. In this way, it is not possible to relate the person who owns the data with the information stored.


Pseudo-anonymization makes it possible to identify a subject in relation to stored data without including the reference word data. It allows the processing of personal data without the identification data of the interested party, but without eliminating the link between the two.

Original text

Carlos García Atalvio, with NIF 122345678Z, resident in Almagrón street, in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, works at Nymiz Software Company. S.L. Born on June 12, 1980 in Madrid.

Carlos García Atalvio is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence.

Anonymized text

*********************, with NIF **********, resident in ********************************************, words at **********************. S.L. Born on ******************* in ******.


********************* is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence.

Pseudo-anonymized text with “Substitution”

PER_0001, with NIF IDE_0001, resident in ADD_0001, works in ORG_0001. S.L. Born on DAT_0001 in LOC_0001.

PER_0001 is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence.

Why is the anonymization / pseudonymization of personal data vital for your company?

These are the key areas where the anonymization and pseudonymization of data will allow you to incorporate a strategic security layer in your business.

GDPR regulations

Compliance with the current regulatory requirements regarding GDPR in the different regulatory frameworks in force.

Advanced data analytics

Obtaining information and data from documents and databases, and the ability to perform advanced analytics on pseudonymized data.

Confidentiality of information

Possibility of sharing documentary information both internally and with third parties without compromising confidentiality and legality.

Information Security

Additional layer of information security, since because it is anonymized or pseudonymized, it would have no practical value if it were stolen through a security breach.

Transparency in Public Administration

The principle of transparency is key in the data processing of Public Administrations, allowing the information to be shared as long as it is anonymized.

In which cases is the anonymization of personal data essential?

Here are some practical examples from different sectors where data anonymization can play an important role in maintaining the security of data storage and communication.

Commercial documentation with personal data whose legal residence time has expired and we should delete it.

Personal data that we are no longer allowed to store but that we can pseudonymize in order to be able to analyze it with today’s advanced data processing and analysis technology.

Medical records and clinical results, as well as the rest of the patient’s personal and medical data to be able to be shared or analyzed with other doctors and centers within the health and medical activity.

Digitization in cloud environments in a secure way both at the storage and information processing level.

Judicial sentences that can be made public and shared between law firms.

Client information who have ceased to be clients in the last five years since after this time all documentation would have to be destroyed.

Financial trends and banking activity stored in different information repositories to be able to extract behavior analysis and trends of different types of users anonymously.

Covid-19 tracking applications, biometric control and fingerprints, as well as other new pioneering elements that need an advanced security layer due to the compromised nature of the information.

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