Who we are

What is Nymiz?

Nymiz is a Biscayan start-up born in early 2020 that markets the most advanced anonymization and data masking software on the market.

Nymiz is born

What is your vocation?

Our purpose is to safeguard people’s privacy. In a world where big data rules everything, exposed data is a problem and we want to prevent that from happening.

How did the idea come about?

The idea arises from observing the day to day in which we live and our habits. That gave us the idea.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the standardization of digitization, we have seen how companies store more and more information and have consequently suffered cyberattacks that caused the leakage of that data. In addition, trends such as e-commerce or the search for online information make us give more and more data to companies, almost without realizing it.

All this, together with the Data Protection Law -which is gaining more and more prominence-, led us to think that there had to be the possibility of securing the data. We wanted to transform or protect them so that those breaches, attacks or leaks did not affect corporations or individuals.


The people who make up the Nymiz team share the vision of protecting people’s privacy, as well as the use of technology to make it possible

Óscar Villanueva

Industrial Organization Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, MBA from the University of Barcelona, Management Development Program (PDD) from IESE, Strategic Innovation Program for organizations from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Entrepreneur, Co-founder of three start-ups, one of them Arrecife Energy Systems, as well as Mentor and Investor. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Energy sector within Repsol, in his last time at Petronor performing the position of Coordinator of Technology Transfer, Open Innovation and leading projects on Artificial Intelligence space. He is currently the CEO of Nymiz Software Company.

Manuel Diaz

Software architect with over 20 years of development experience. Worked with multiple technologies, from front-end, back-end, database development, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. With them in hand, he supported business efforts from e-commerce websites to large banking systems. Partnered with many different types of IT experts, from graphic and user-experience designers to DBAs, architects, infrastructure gurus and DevOps rockstars among others (and of course, tons of fellow developers). Led challenging long-term projects, crazy short-term ones and everything in between. Passionate about technology and tools, his favorite definition of a software architect is “a person who shows colleagues how to solve problems they didn’t know they had”, although he loves team building and talent fostering. Before Nymiz, the AI projects he enjoyed the most were related to credit scoring in banking solutions. Recently trained in NLP by the UPV / EHU. Entrepreneur. He is currently the CTO of Nymiz.