The data challenge: public administration

According to the annual report of the AEPD, 10% of the sanctioning procedures had public administrations as their object during 2020. The warnings correspond mainly to the lack of appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the privacy and data protection of citizens. In this sense, public bodies face a complex challenge due to the high volume of personal data that they handle in their different areas and departments on a daily basis.

Uso interno en la Administración Pública


Limit the access to personal data to areas and users when sharing internal documentation:

  • Personal data of the instructors in disciplinary files. 
  • Personal data of citizens in files on accidents on public roads.
  • Social welfare.
Publicación en Administración Pública


Anonymization of personal data in information published on transparency boards and portals:

  • Publication of the minutes of the Local Government Board.
  • Resolutions published for  transparency reasons.
  • Bulletin board posts, such us, building permit concessions.


Nymiz allows you to anonymize/pseudonymize personal data both in databases and in documents, thus complying with the principles of:

  • Data minimization.
  • Conservation period limitation.
  • Integrity and security.
  • Proactive responsibility

The ease of use and implementation allows the tool to adapt to the multiple use cases of public administration.