Technological solutions to protect your customers’ data

Offer our service to your customers through our partner program.

If you are a company that offers services related to Data Protection, legal consulting, GDPR management software or you are an IT services company and believe that this solution can complement your services or  can be integrated with your solution, contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.


Offer a more secure service for your customers’ data

We adapt to any technological enviroment of the end customer

We offer plans tailored to each company regardless of the data storage workflow.

Expand and improve your services with our technology

Expand the legal consulting services and GDPR that your company offers by providing a layer of data anonymization.

Advanced protection for technology development companies

We integrate with GDPR software solutions to add anonymization and pseudonymization functionality in an automated way.

Legal partners

Expand your portfolio of services by providing our technology

With Nymiz you will be able to expand the legal and GDPR consulting services that your company offers, providing a layer of anonymization of personal data and advanced security to your clients’ documentation. Discover our service and how you can improve the data protection of the companies that are already working with you.

In addition, Nymiz is integrable via API with the GDPR management solutions / applicationsoffering anonymization and pseudonymization functionalities..

Law firms
Legal advice
Business consulting
PDPL specialists
Data protection delegates

Tech partners

Automate your data protection system with our API service

If you are a software development technology company, you can now implement automation and data anonymization in your itinerary using the Nymiz API service. Take advantage of the power of our Artificial Intelligence engine for the anonymization of personal data in the information processed by your software.