Nymiz Ready to Shine at Austin Startup Week!

Nymiz at Austin Startup Week

As a beacon for entrepreneurial spirits and innovative enterprises, Austin is all set to roll out the red carpet for the much-celebrated Austin Startup Week. Every year, this event spotlights startups that redefine boundaries. This year, we’re proud to share that Nymiz has joined the ranks of these distinguished innovators.

But why Nymiz?  Why we have been counted among the elite selected for this event? Here’s a glimpse into what makes us a standout participant for Austin Startup Week:

Crafting a Safer Digital Future: Nymiz's Mastery in Data Anonymizatio

Nymiz is an innovation-driven company. Since its inception, the team has stood out for its ability to adapt to the latest technological trends based on cutting-edge solutions in the field of data protection. Our AI-based software is capable of finding and protecting personal data in documents and databases, through anonymization techniques such as tokenization or masking.

Dedicated and Visionary Team

At Nymiz, we’re proud to be supported by a team of devoted and skilled individuals. From the visionaries who founded the company to our dedicated staff, there’s a unified commitment to innovation, strategic growth, and excellence.

Earning Trust from Europe to Latam: Nymiz's Journey

Nymiz’s reputation isn’t just built on words but on success stories. Catering to diverse sectors like Legal, Health, and Human Resources in major European and Latam organizations, Nymiz has established itself as a trusted name. Even public entities with the most sensitive information count on our expertise for secure data sharing. Looking ahead, our sights are set on expanding the footprint in the U.S., ensuring they too have AI driven solutions for their digital privacy needs.

Nymiz's Forward-Thinking Approach to Data Privacy

Our team is always thinking about the future and how we can improve the protection of today’s most vital treasure “sensitive and personal data”. Through our AI-based automation technology, we have facilitated savings in time and cost by up to 80%. This not only paves the way for new revenue streams for our clients but also ensures data can be securely shared and analyzed. Given these strides, we anticipate double-digit growth in the upcoming years.

So, join us at Austin Startup Week and discover Nymiz’s AI-driven data anonymization technology. Prepare to be inspired and motivated by our founders entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to a world where sensitive data is safe-guarded.