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the challenge

The insurance sector handles a high volume of personal data in its daily operations. That is why guaranteeing its protection has become a priority for insurance companies.

The challenge is even more complex when looking at the many tasks and processes that involve intensive use of personal data. However, in the project definition phase, our client identified 3 main use cases to cover, taking into account their criticality.

Thanks to its versatility and variety of functionalities, Nymiz is capable of adapting to different use cases without the need for ad-hoc developments.

A versatile product that adapts to different use cases and information sources. A single product for several solutions.

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the success

Databases merge by ETL


How to share and cross common customer data between independent companies?

This key challenge that our client faces has been solved thanks to the merger of ddbb by ETL. Nymiz replaces personal data with consistent tokens in the databases to be merged. This way, the information corresponding to the same clients is brought together, without the possibility of identifying the real natural person to whom it belongs.

Pseudonymization of databases

The volume and typology of personal data of insured clients that our client accumulates implies having to opt for the most demanding protection measures applied at the data level. However, the type of daily operations of the company makes it necessary for the anonymization to be reversible, since there are procedures for which having the real data is necessary.

Initially, a pseudonymization of the client’s database is performed. But what about the new records that are added after the first pseudonymization? Nymiz detects their inclusion in the database and pseudonymizes them to guarantee their protection.

Keep the data of former customers

¿What happens with the data of former customers or those who exercise their right of cancellation? They must be removed. However, there is the possibility of keeping them as long as they are anonymized. Our client has opted for this solution to avoid potential fines and, in turn, not to give up the value that this information brings.